Development of this game has been placed on hold due to an excellent Unity port for the game already existing here at Jump N Bump Remastered so please check that game out as well.


This is a fan-made homage to the 1998 classic player platformer Jump N' Bump created by Brain Child Designs

The four bunnies are back! Fizz, Dott, Mijji, and Jiffy have come out of retirement for another show-down. Two to Four players (or one lonely bunny) can play against each-other. The aim is simple; squash your fellow bunnies!

Jump 'N Bump deluxe features all the classic gameplay, but now with additional unbelievable modern-day features such as :-

  • Menus!
  • A Pause screen!
  • Game Modes!
  • A Splash Screen!
  • Options!
  • Volume Controls!
  • Cheats!
  • A Winners Screen!
  • Controller support!

To play the original Jump 'N Bump from 1998 please visit Brain Child Designs. At the request of the original creators I am not charging any money for this game.

If you'd like to own/download a copy of this game, please check out the re-skin version I also made HERE

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